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Fruit-related hospital

Popular name is temple of Kaga Soto sect got close to as "temple of bush clover".
Grave of Daishoji feudal clan each generation feudal lord (first - 14s) and mortuary tablet are important cultural property grade under the pretense of fruit-related hospital for posthumous Buddhist name "jitsuseiindenkikumoshuyodaikyoshi" of Prince Daishoji first generation feudal lord Toshiharu Maeda.

"ECO riding coupon""Kaga hot-spring village passport"Facility which is targeted for admission ticket

Facility information

Phone number 0761-72-1104
FAX 0761-72-1674
Address 29, Daishojishitayashikimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa
Admission It is 350 yen more than 21 free of charge lower than 400 yen for adults high school student 100 yen junior high student
Business hours From 9:00 to 16:00
Regular holiday

Parking lot

Available Approximately 30 cars

Access We go around the Kaga tour bus kiang bus sea from JR Kaga-Onsen Station →  It is approximately 500m from 14 Yamanoshita temples group / Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum bus stop

Is local train from JR Kaga-Onsen Station; four minutes (to the Fukui area 1 station) → It is approximately 750m from JR Daishoji Station

It is approximately 5.5km from JR Kaga-Onsen Station

It is approximately 10.4km from Hokuriku Expressway Katayamazu IC

It is approximately 2.5km from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC

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