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Fruit-related hospital

Popular name is temple of Kaga Soto sect got close to as "temple of bush clover".

Grave of Daishoji feudal clan each generation feudal lord (first - 14s) and mortuary tablet are important cultural property grade under the pretense of fruit-related hospital for posthumous Buddhist name "jitsuseiindenkikumoshuyodaikyoshi" of Prince Daishoji first generation feudal lord Toshiharu Maeda.

"ECO riding coupon""Kaga hot-spring village passport"Facility which is targeted for admission ticket

Facility information

Phone number 0761-72-1104
FAX 0761-72-1674
Address 29, Daishojishitayashikimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa
Admission One (only as for the person) free of charge with free group (more than 21 people) lower than 400 yen for adults high school student 350 yen obstacle ※It is class or is not replaced
Business hours From 9:00 to 16:00
Regular holiday

Parking lot

Available Approximately 30 cars

Access We go around the Kaga tour bus kiang bus sea from JR Kaga-Onsen Station →  It is approximately 500m from 14 Yamanoshita temples group / Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Art Museum bus stop

Is local train from JR Kaga-Onsen Station; four minutes (to the Fukui area 1 station) → It is approximately 750m from JR Daishoji Station

It is approximately 5.5km from JR Kaga-Onsen Station

It is approximately 10.4km from Hokuriku Expressway Katayamazu IC

It is approximately 2.5km from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC

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