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Katayamazu Onsen public bath (former Katayamazu hot-spring resort hot water)

On April 21, 2012, new public bath opened in Katayamazu Onsen.
By design of world-famous architect Yoshio Taniguchi, as for the appearance, the most are fitted with glass. We melt into Shibayama liman, sky, neighboring nature including forest and can enjoy view of beautiful Shibayama liman which assumed magnificent Hakusan mountain range background from building.
Surface of a lake and bathtub of Shibayama liman opening from window like the horizon are unified, and there are two bathrooms of "hot water of forest", and we replace man and woman regularly, and space of healing that can feel uses ease for scenery of kind forest where "hot water of liman" which feeling of freedom to learn sense that, as it were, soaks in Shibayama liman drifts and green open.
Using ingredients local in the second-floor "wait cafe" seasonal dishes and dessert enjoy, and can overlook Shibayama liman and hot-spring resort from outdoors terrace.
In addition, at the first-floor stand, we sell hot spring egg (flowers of sulphur egg). (rose 70 yen, 430 yen with six, 750 yen with ten, 1,150 yen with 15)
Taste is very tasteful delicious egg that rich salt became decisive factor as well as hot water of Katayamazu Onsen.

"ECO riding coupon""Kaga hot-spring village passport"Facility which is targeted for admission ticket

Facility information

Phone number 0761-74-0550
FAX 0761-74-0555
Address Katayamazuonsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa second 65-2
Admission Under adult (12 years old or older) 440 yen average person (less than 12 years old 6 years old or older) 130 yen dwarf (less than 6 years old 3 years old or older) 50 yen 3 years old for free
※On "day of bath on 26th," bathing rate of dwarf (less than 6 years old 3 years old or older) is free every month from August, 2014.
Business hours From 6:00 to 22:00 (we wait, and cafe is open if there is reservation at ※ night for from 10:00 to 17:00)
Regular holiday

Do (there is on temporary holiday), and wait; cafe is regular holiday on Thursday

Parking lot

Existence 50 cars

HP http://machiyu.com/
Access We go around the Kaga tour bus kiang bus sea from JR Kaga-Onsen Station → It is 50m from 26a Kaga Katayamazu Onsen public bath bus stop

It is Kaga tour bus kiang bus Komatsu Airport Line from JR Kaga-Onsen Station → It is 50m from 26a Kaga Katayamazu Onsen public bath bus stop

From JR Kaga-Onsen Station Kagaonsen bus hot spring Katayamazu Line (first platform) approximately ten minutes (return approximately 25 minutes) → It is approximately 50m from bus stop in front of Kaga Katayamazu Onsen public bath

It is approximately 4.6km from JR Kaga-Onsen Station

It is approximately 4.3km from Hokuriku Expressway Katayamazu IC

It is approximately 11.7km from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC

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